Election Prayer Meetings in Church–An Idea For Senior Pastors.


I am writing this blog to hopefully inspire other Pastors to hold Election Prayer Meetings in the lead up to the Federal Election. I have for the last 20 years, been holding Prayer Meetings involving the local candidates for each State and Federal election. And its been an awesome connection between my church and the candidates.

At the prayer meeting we do the following.

  • Have a couple of worship songs
  • Sing the National Anthem.
  • I will make some introductory comments about Australia and the importance of being involved in the democratic process.
  • We will then have some prayers for our nation. I would make this an open mike.
  • I will appreciate the candidates for coming and introduce each of them to the congregation. The one I have scheduled for the current Federal Election, I will be doing something new and that is that I will be reading a short paragraph on each candidate so we know a little more about them. I will then present them with a small wrapped gift. A box of chocolates – but purchased from a speciality chocolate shop. 
  • Then each candidate has 5 mins to speak on the topic ‘Why should we vote for you’. It’s a strict 5 mins. There is a time keeper.
  • After that, we pray for each candidate.
  • Then close in prayer.
  • And finish we a meet and greet supper.

What these prayer meetings achieve is:

  • Prayer for the nation
  • Prayer for the candidates
  • Helps my church be informed about who is standing in their area and what they stand for.
  • Connects my church to the local candidates and ultimately to whoever holds the seat.
  • Communicates to the candidates that there are churches and Christians in their local area that are keen to be heard and be involved in the political process.

One thing that I am very careful to not do at these prayer meetings is to favour one candidate over another. We have always invited every candidate who was standing regardless of the party. I would have held 8 or so of these type prayers meetings and with the exception of just one, I have had full attendance of all the candidates at each election. The current meeting I have coming up in early May, will again have all four local candidates in attendance:  Liberal, Labor, Greens and Independent.

These meetings are held mid week. This is not a Sunday thing.

If any pastor would like more information then don’t hesitate to email me ppilt@ozemail.com.au

Here are some more pics from one of the Election Prayer Meetings help at my former church of Nowra City Church.







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