Good Friday Morning News Wrap

Today the Sectarian Religious violence that has plagued Israel since it’s occupation, saw the execution style murder, of a man many are claiming was innocent. He was kidnapped from Gethsemane after intelligence sources were able to pinpoint his exact location. This was not the first attempt on his life. Only two months earlier there had been an assassination attempt – but the threat of street riots had caused that attempt to be aborted.

According to the documents that we have obtained, the man who ultimately was murdered was betrayed by a long term staff member, who identified him, in a crowd by walking up and giving him a kiss on the cheek. He was then seized and hauled before a military court.
It was during this trial that allegations of prisoner abuse were tabled. No photographic evidence was forthcoming, however the prisoner was bleeding profusely from head wounds and had had part of his beard ripped out. Rumour has it that after the trial, further human right violations took place including the whipping and further torture of the man.

The occupying army said that some force is occasionally used on prisoners for coercion purposes and that no intentional war crimes have been committed.

After the trial, the man was taken to a mountain, called the place of the skull. It is located outside of the city and has been used in the past for killings. It was here that the prisoner was slowly put to death over a 6 hour period. A mob had gathered to watch and cheer as he slowly and painfully died. They also witnessed a freak co-incidence – where at the moment of his death, there was an earthquake and a solar eclipse.

Apart from these two weird events – what makes this execution different from the others that have happened in the Middle East or will happen in the future – is the identity that this man claimed to have.

He claimed to be the Son of God

His name was Jesus.

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