Top Ten Blog Posts for March 2014

My goal for March was to blog every day. Today is the last day of March and I have accomplished my goal.

Here are the Ten Ten Most Read Blogs for the Month:

With 833 Reads: – Noah Movie Review 

With 706 Reads:- Top Ten Pieces of Advice I Would Give a Young Pastor

With 679 Reads:- What I Think of the Sentence of Daniel Morcombe’s Killer, Brett Cowan

With 536 Reads:- Top Ten Pieces of Advice I Would Give Every Facebook User

With 493 Reads:- What is Lent and Why I Don’t Celebrate it

With 489 Reads: –Here Are My Top Ten Challenges of Being a Pastor

With 422 Reads:- Top 20 Creative Sermon Titles and Illustrations

With 413 Reads: Powerful and Inspiring Explanation of Heaping Coals of Fire on the Heads of our Enemies

With 377 Reads: 22 Compelling Reasons Why I Love the Church

With 375 Reads:- I Went to Church Today and This is What I Saw

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  1. I wondered why you were doing so many blog posts lately. I didn’t realise you had a goal to do one each day for March lol! I’ve very much enjoyed the regular blogs!

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