Why I Am Against An Abbott Resurrection


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Well just a few weeks ago we celebrated Easter and consequently Resurrections seem to be in the air. The Coalition unfortunately seem to be on the same path as the ALP in heading down the path to the Political Graveside to raise the dead and return the politically dead to the leadership.

Ironically it was Easter 2013 that the Rudd resurrection happened.

I wrote a blog titled Why I am Totally Against a Rudd Resurrection

I was against a Rudd resurrection  and I am just as passionately against an Abbott resurrection. And I didn’t like Gillard and I certainly don’t like PM Turnbull. In fact in my daily Morning News Wrap I refer to Turnbull as PM Bernie from the movie Weekend at Bernie’s. For those that have no idea, the movie is about a couple of guys who go for a weekend at Bernie’s but he dies and so they prop him up and pretend he is still alive and then throw a big party.  Turnbull has been so inactive in every way since knifing a first term sitting PM that I can only assume that sadly he died, but the puppet masters are propping him up and pretending he is still in charge.

Here is why I am against an Abbott Resurrection.

We must expect better from our political system than having a revolving door of leadership. I have in the past lamented that we have no statesmen type leadership in our nation and having leadership change regularly between parties and then within parties does not serve the greater good of the nation. It only serves the political interests of the people doing the knifing. And how sad some of that has outworked. Remember when Bill Shorten (then part of the nameless faceless crew) knifed Rudd in favour of Gillard and then a few short years later orchestrated the knifing of Gillard for Rudd….which ultimately was a disaster.

I have to admit that I was desperately disappointed at the Abbott knifing, as I did think or hope that the Coalition held themselves to higher values. (And I wasn’t a great fan of Abbott but at least give the guy a full term and then let the country judge his leadership).

I am old enough to remember the Paul Keating knifing of Bob Hawke. What a disaster that was. Who remembers ‘The Lizard of Oz?’

I know a lot of people criticised Peter Costello for never trying to knife Howard. I however have the utmost respect for him for not doing it. Clearly knifing Prime Ministers simply doesn’t work.

Come on Australia, we can do better than this.

I will finish this blog the same way I finished the Rudd blog:- In this Easter Season, the only Resurrection I want to hear about is Christ’s.

Anyway, that’s what I think.


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