Peter Pilt’s List Of The Top News Stories of 2017

I write a summary of the news each morning called the Morning News Wrap. As 2017 draws to a close, here are my suggestions for the Top News Stories of 2017. In no particular order.

1) Donald Trump and Twitter.

Image result for Donald Trump and twitter

2) North Korean Missiles.

Image result for North Korea Missiles

3) Terror Attacks in the UK

Image result for Uk terro attacks

4) Cyclone Debbie and resulting floods in South East Queensland.

Image result for yatala pie shop underwater

5) Global Care’s Response to Cyclone Debbie.


6) Jeff Horn and his wife had baby and also won a punch up.

Image result for Jeff Horn

7) Terrorist attack in Melbourne.

Image result for melbourne terrorist attack man drives down a footpath

8) Melbourne again. This time it was not terrorism but ‘mental health’ issues. I wrote a blog on on how the Government is blaming terrorism on mental health issues.  Click here to read that blog.

Image result for melbourne terrorist attack dec 2017

9) Egyptian Mosque Attack – 311 people killed

Image result for egypt mosque attack

10) Monsoons in Asia claim 1200 lives.

Image result for monsoons in Asia in 2017

11) Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

Image result for hurricane in puerto rico pictures

12) Strategic Defeats of IS:- like Mosul.

Image result for is being pushed out of mosul

13) Australian Parliamentarians woke up to find themselves citizens of another country: Deputy PM Joyce found out he was Kiwi.

Image result for lord of the rings and NZ

14) Las Vegas Shooting killed 51 people and injured 546.

Image result for Las Vegas shooting.

15) Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Related image

16) The world found out what apparently a lot of Hollywood actresses already knew: Harvey Weinstein is a sexual predator.

Image result for harvey weinstein

17) Prince Philip retired at 96.

Image result for prince philip retires

18) The NSW Premier wasn’t heard from for the whole year, leading some people to conclude she had defected to North Korea.

Image result for gladys berejiklian

19) People lamented not buying Bitcoins as their value skyrocketed.

Image result for bitcoin

20) Meghan Markle left Suits…..Probably won’t ever hear of her again.

Image result for meghan markle left suits

21) There was a vote that stopped the nation of Australia and in the end…..Sophie Monk choose Stu. Some couldn’t believe the result of the vote.

Image result for sophie monk

22) Batman Died.

Image result for adam west

23) Grenfell Fire in London killed 71 people and over 70 people were injured.

Image result for Grenfell fire

24) Five killed as a light plane hit an Essendon Shopping Centre.

Image result for plane hits essendon shopping centre

25) Schapelle Corby returned to Australia.

Image result for schapelle corby returns to Australia

26) Volcano in Bali.

Image result for volcano Bali

27) Solar Eclipse happened.

Image result for solar eclipse

28) Russia decriminalised the first Domestic Violence offence.

Slide 5 of 37: Russian activists, headed by theatre director Leda Garina, perform during a protest action against a bill decriminalizing domestic violence on January 29, 2017 in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Russian authorities have given final approval to a bill decriminalizing some forms of domestic violence.

29) Brexit process finally triggered.

Slide 10 of 37: Britain's ambassador to the EU Tim Barrow delivers British Prime Minister Theresa May's formal notice of the UK's intention to leave the bloc under Article 50 of the EU's Lisbon Treaty to European Council President Donald Tusk in Brussels on March 29, 2017.

30) Robert Mugabe finally resigned.

Image result for 30 RObert Mugabe finally resigns.

31) Fake News.

Slide 9 of 17: El secretario de prensa de la Casa Blanca, Sean Spicer, acusó a periodistas de haber hecho “declaraciones deliberadamente falsas” sobre el número de visitantes de la ceremonia de investidura del presidente Donald Trump en enero. Sin embargo, las fotos demuestran que muchas más personas estuvieron presentes en la investidura de Barack Obama en 2009.

32) Shopping Centre fire in Philippiness killed 37.

Image result for shopping centre fire kills people

Here is my blog of the Top News Stories of 2016. Click here to read that blog.

So what stories have I missed for 2017?


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