‘Be Alert But Not Alarmed’ (2002)…..’Isolated Mental Health Incident With No Further Threat’ (2017)…We are being brainwashed Australia. WAKE UP.

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So in 2002 we were told by the Australian Government to be ‘Alert but not Alarmed’…Remember those media ads?

Go forward 15 years to Australia 2017 and when a terrorist attack happens we are super quickly told that it’s a ‘Mental Health Issue’. Oh and dare not question that its a mental health issue….to do so, would be apparently ‘UnAustralianism’.

Clearly the Government of Australia has changed it’s position from one of ‘let’s work together to stamp out the terrorist threat’….to ‘what terrorist threat’?….’there are no terrorist’s’…..’we don’t even understand what you mean by terrorists’….Hey look there is squirrel….Sure sometimes people (read Muslims) have car accidents (clearly and hugely unintentional)  where they plough their car into innocent (non Muslim) pedestrians in a crowded street whilst they passionately hold onto to an Islamic ideology of ‘death to the West’ (which clearly they ‘don’t take seriously’)….but ‘we’ (read Australian Authorities) are supremely confident that Islam and terrorism are in no way related.


Who is going to say the Emperor has no clothes….??????

Remember that Hans Christian Anderson Fable where the King was swindled and told his clothes were invisible to anyone ‘unfit for their positions, stupid or incompetent’.  No one in the crowd dare cry out for fear of being exposed as ‘unfit for their position, stupid or incompetent’. Then a young child, oblivious to the social convention yelled out….’THE EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES’…..Who is going to fulfil that child’s role in Australia and expose the stupidity of the Emperor…in this case the Australian Government?

I am not a child but I can’t help but cry out…..THE EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES

Anyway, that’s what I think.


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  1. Pete, you are absolutely right sir. Shared. Blessings, John.

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