Apparently Our Children Are Being Radicalised By Scripture Teachers In Public Schools.


According to an article in the Sunday Telegraph dated the 4th February 2018, titled Weed out the Faith Radicals: ‘Scripture teachers in public schools will face tougher screening from next year to prevent radical lessons and religious recruitment campaigns.’

This has to be another example of the stupidity of the leftist anti church agenda that is being driven hard in Australia. Can one person cite one example of where a scripture teacher has taught a ‘radical lesson’ and that has been to the detriment of society? Are there any stories of a radicalised Christian Teen committing a long wolf terrorist attack either here or actually anywhere in the world? Sure we all know that radicalisation is taking place in Islamic Schools and Mosques and sure we have seen the impact of that as Australian Citizens travel to Syria and Iraq to join ISIS….but radicalised scripture students….?.Nope haven’t heard of that ever happening.

But what the ‘experts’ in the Education Department want to do, is to provide another layer of red tape and start to paint scripture teachers in the same vein as we might extremist Muslims who would seek to radicalise teens in their care.

Here is what I predict….Go forward 3 years and there will be a push to get rid of Scripture teaching completely from the schools and this kind of example will be cited… students in scripture are being radicalised, so we need to stop it for the safety of all Australians….and then the masses will all just blindly say…..well if its for our safety then it’s a good thing.

The apparent stupidity of those in power in Australia is fast devaluing the great nation that Australia once was. 

Anyway, that’s what I think.


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4 replies

  1. It’d be a better approach for the Education system to “Weed out the fear mongers!” Scripture teachers already have a prescribed curriculum to teach, that has been approved by the Education Department. Scripture teachers have to have completed prescribed training and be approved, as part of a denomination that has participated in pre-approval by the Dept of Education. There are no “radicals” teaching Scripture in the public school system… it’s “fake news!”

  2. The lbgt wheel barrow has already mooted the idea of banning the bible as hate speech and churches as forums for hate speech, so this initial move to make scripture teaching harder to impliment is not surprising. It is just the next step in the plans of satan to restrict the word of God.

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