Israel Folau: You Sir Have Committed A Speech Crime….The Message From Australia’s Dictatorship

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There has been a fair bit in the media over the last few days about Wallabies player Israel Folau and his faith based comments on his personal Instagram account about Homosexuals. Qantas who sponsors the Wallabies have made noises that they will pull their sponsorship if the Australian Rugby Union can’t get Folau to curtail his comments.

I was asked to blog my thoughts on this controversy and so here is my blog.

I want to make it super clear that this blog is not about anything to do with actually what Folau said. But more about his right to say what he believes.

I have lamented the death of Free Speech in Australia for the last few years. Now as a point of clarification, Australia does not have Free Speech enshrined in their constitution like the Americans do. In fact, the only social freedom that’s guaranteed in our constitution is religion. (Which I have to say in under extreme threat right now). Australia doesn’t have a bill of rights, which is where free speech usually gets defined and protected in most Western Democracies. It’s also not incorporated in any Federal legislation. Instead Free Speech is only a common law, which was adopted from the Westminster System from the UK, which means it’s a pretty loosely defined concept. However, having said all that, Australia has operated under what I would term ‘assumed Free Speech’ due to it being a Western Democracy, free from tyranny and Dictatorships.

But the Folau furore is illustrative of a deeper cancer that has developed under the surface of our current leftist leaning societal context that we now find ourselves living in. This is how Free Speech is now defined in Australia…..You can say anything you want as long as you agree with what we say. Folau made the mistake of having an opinion, (and stating that opinion), that is contrary to what the current definers of society deem to be acceptable. See these current definers of society only will accept people who are in complete agreement with their ideology and to be counter to their ideology makes you an enemy of the state…..Oh darn, I have just realised that my comment earlier that we as a Western Democracy are free from tyranny and Dictatorships is wrong…..Its just that Australia doesn’t have a named Dictator but rather an Ideology is now firmly running our country.

And in true Dictator style, this Ideology demands complete compliance without exception. Let’s talk about Margaret Court for a moment. A champion of Australian Tennis. A pioneer for women in Australia and women in leadership. Thus a Sports Arena in Melbourne was named after her….But then she committed a Speech Crime. She had an opinion that was contrary to the Dictatorship that is running our nation and so she was vilified, bullied, received death threats and there was a push to remove her name from the Arena…..Wait what……Was she a rapist, a serial murder, did she hurt children????? No she offended our Dictator and his minions called for her blood.

As in Court’s case, Folau has offended Australia’s Dictator and so the minions have been vying for blood, with Qantas Chairman Alan Joyce being a puppet and voice for our Dictator.

George Orwell wrote a classic novel in 1948 in which he wrote of a bleak and controlling future. The book was titled and set in 1984. Here is a summary of the book from Wikipedia. (I have to smile at the setting being Oceania: Orwell knew of Australia’s future issues).

In the year 1984, the government of Oceania, dominated by the Inner Party, use the Newspeak language to control the speech, actions, and thought of the population, by defining “unapproved thoughts” as thoughtcrime and crimethink; for such actions, the Thinkpol arrest Winston Smith, the protagonist of the story, and Julia, his girlfriend, as enemies of the state.

In the novel Nineteen Eighty-Four (1949), by George Orwell, the Thought Police (Thinkpol) are the secret police of the superstate Oceania, who discover and punish thoughtcrime, personal and political thoughts unapproved by the Party. The Thinkpol use criminal psychology and omnipresent surveillance (telescreens, microphones, informers) to search for and find, monitor and arrest all citizens of Oceania who would commit thoughtcrime in challenge to the status quo authority of the Party and the regime of Big Brother.

Now we could mention Corey Benardi, Lyle Shelton, Pauline Hanson and indeed the list goes on of people who have committed a Thought Crime or Speech Code Violation against Australia’s Dictator.

The assumed Free Speech that we once lived under is now well and truly gone.  Speech is only allowed if you say what the Dictator agrees with.

An example of this is the Dictator’s Doctrine of Tolerance. Under this concept, we are all told to be tolerant of other people, their beliefs and their religion. However you are only tolerated if you are deemed to be tolerant. The minute you hold a counter opinion to what the Dictator says is ok, then you are deemed to be intolerant and then the preachers of tolerance will be viciously and vilely intolerant of you and everything you stand for. So this Ideological Dictator preaches tolerance but practices brutal intolerance.

The problem is we need free speech in Australia.

I will say that again. The problem is we need free speech in Australia.

A healthy democracy needs an environment where robust debate can take place. Indeed society itself needs robust discussion of ideas and philosophies. What we are creating in Australia right now… an environment where we all must think the same and how dare you have an opinion outside of that.

So let me recap. Australia is being run by a Ideology that has set itself up as a Dictator. This Dictator has minions. The media for example. This Dictator will not tolerate any opinion outside of the approved opinion. It is only a matter of time until we have uniformed Speech Police enforcing legislated Speech Codes and courts where people are tried for Thought Crimes.

I imagine a scenario in the not too distant future when the Dictator will call for the burning of certain books, the proactive arresting of deemed Thought Radicals and  Social Media censoring and digitally assassinating people due to violation of Speech Codes.

Really Peter….Do you really think this is where we are headed?

Let’s ask Israel Folau…who just expressed an opinion….

Anyway, that’s what I think,

Peter Pilt


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21 replies

  1. Well stated….

    • Attempts have been made to “cure” gays and have failed in some instances the gay person has committed suicide. Would they have gone to hell? Because he is a famous footballer could his comments incite some others to engaged in bashing gay people? Words have consequences.

      • People bash Christians and vegans and bisexuals and heterosexuals. Can comments lead people to commit suicide?

        With all that’s been said about Israel Folau in the lest few days HE’S the one I’d be worried about. He’s been attacked by do many people.

  2. 1984 came a little later, but it is well and truly here now, Peter.

  3. Well said Pete

  4. I wish I could articulate like you do, I think of my generation and my Dads generation & they would be disgusted at where this great country that they fought wars for has degenerated to this low state, hidden agendas, hidden dictators, gutless leftists…. heaven sounds great.

  5. Margaret Court, Israel Folau and others are commenting on their belief and moral standards. I support their view and their right to share Jesus Christs teaching. Jesus said to the woman, where are your accusers? The woman replied, there is none, Jesus said neither do I accuse you, GO and sin no more.

    • Margaret Court purchased her organisation with money from whom? Margaret Court obtained her organisation from what base of christian believers? Did Margaret obtain her “church” by stealth and wealth and what was the former “church” named before ??

  6. You hit it on the head yet again Peter. The time will come when people will rue the day they went with the crowd and not Jesus. It is called a free country, if this is freedom I don’t want to be around to see how our country is in 20-30 years time ……. So so sad

  7. Well said Peter. Sad state of affairs And i can only see it getting worse Time coming when christians in particular need to stand strong for what we believe. Blessings

  8. Good to hear your voice again, Peter!
    You’re always logical, cover good ground of an issue, thought provoking and direct.
    My heart skipped a beat when I read, ‘What are we creating in Australia right now’. I think there is more underlining concern with this statement than what we all realise.
    And keep speaking …. Christians need guidance on these social issues especially when many ministers are ‘quiet’.

  9. Talking about hell, I read the book Four Views of Hell. It seems theologians cannot agree on what hell is. C S Lewis joked once “Give me heaven for the climate and hell for the company” Lewis even intimated in one of his Narnia books that a good non-believer had gone to heaven. Is Gandhi in Hell? What happened to those who 40000 years ago crossed the Bering Strait into America and who are the ancestors of the American Indians? What happens to those slaves brought to America and who died on the way in the overcrowded ships?

  10. “A healthy democracy needs an environment where robust debate can take place. Indeed society itself needs robust discussion of ideas and philosophies. What we are creating in Australia right now… an environment where we all must think the same and how dare you have an opinion outside of that.” Except on blogs that have contributions one does not agree with. What was wrong with my comments about the different views of hell. I thought I asked some decent questions people might have on who exactly goes to hell and is it just.Does that mean Alan Turing who broke the enigma code in WW2 and possibly saved millions of lives is in hell because he was gay?

    • I only just saw the previous comment. There was nothing wrong with it and it’s been approved. I certainly wished Jesus had been more descriptive of Hell seeing it’s such a huge deal for humanity.

      • What are your thoughts on this passage? Sodomy is derogatory term used for the sexual practices of the people of Sodom. Hence I find this passage interesting. “This was the guilt of your sister Sodom:she and hear daughters had pride, excess of food and prosperous ease, but did not aid the poor and need. They were haughty, and did abominable things before me; therefore i removed them when I saw it. (Ezekiel 16:49-50). No one theologian whatever their view seems to convince others of their view of hell. The immortality of the soul is another matter disputed by a philosophertheologian at your alma mater Fuller Seminary, Nancy Murphy, Whatever Happened to the Soul: Scientific and Theological Portraits of Human Nature. Neuroscience also presents challenges to the idea of the soul.

      • Hey Noel, First up thanks for engaging with me. And thanks for not being personally attacking. That’s rare. I would like to give your questions the time they deserve. But I am heading to Argentina on Wednesday and I am crazy busy. But keen to chat more. Ironically I just opened FB and saw the following comment on the Friends page. I would be interested in your thoughts. Mine are first up she is raving about her magnificent Savior and Amazing Grace but at the same time is saying she didn’t need saving from anything. Jesus doesnt sound all that amazing then.

        Here is the post

        Let it be known…I publicly reject the commonly preached doctrine of Hell and eternal conscious torment…and I always will. Many will accuse me of rejecting the Bible as I state this…another lie that couldn’t be farther from the truth. They say that I reject God’s Word. I love God’s Word…Jesus, Who in the beginning was the Word, Who was with God, Who was God.

        The Bible isn’t The Word…Jesus and Jesus alone is The Word. I absolutely love the Bible…it contains so much life and truth…Heaven’s treasures…more than any other book gifted to mankind (though in reality it contains so many amazing books)…and yes the ONLY way to the Father IS through the Son…Jesus and Jesus alone…He and He alone is the Saviour King…BUT…I will NEVER again believe in eternal, conscious torment…never…just never! That ‘doctrine’ is a disgusting lie that misrepresents the love and grace and heart of the Father….it twists scripture beyond ANYTHING God ever intended.

        Hell is NOT what has been preached from pulpits for generations…ect is a weapon that has been used to instil the deepest fear and control into God’s creation…and God is NOT a God of fear…not then, not now, not ever. Perfect Love casts out fear! It’s His goodness that leads man to repentance, NOT hounding fear and control and lies and deception! I fully reject the ‘common’ understanding and revolting preaching of hell possibly more than any other screwed up man-made doctrine.

        What saddens me profoundly is that so many are misrepresenting Grace…that so many are misrepresenting those of us who are waking up to the ‘lies’ of eternal conscious torment…that so many are hungry to put lies in MY mouth and into the mouths of so many others. The truth is that I’m nobody from nowhere…I haven’t written any books though one day soon I will…and on every page I will confess that I love Jesus more than I could ever ever express…He IS more than the air that I breathe. He IS the Great I AM!

        So…exactly what ‘hell’ looks like?…considering that word never once appeared in any original manuscript…I really don’t know…though I am digging into my Bible…YES my Bible, to learn more…but what I do know is that I wasn’t ‘saved’ from hell as it is commonly preached and taught…and I wasn’t saved from God’s anger. I was saved from darkness and the ravages of sin and death…I was saved from the LIES of separation from my Creator God…my beloved Abba Father…and from all of the pain and torment and harm and trauma that comes from not knowing Him. I was created for His embrace…I was saved to KNOW His embrace. I was saved from my own hellish blindness and deception…NOT from my Abba Father!

        I want everything that I am to point to our MAGNIFICENT Saviour…I want my life to be a testimony to His wonder and love and mercy and goodness and grace and healing and so so much more…and until my dying day I will NEVER EVER preach this damnable, screwed up doctrine of Dante-soaked hell and eternal conscious torment. May God bring truth to EVERY teacher and preacher who unwittingly and wittingly perpetuates that sick, twisted lie of a doctrine!

        Father, let Your kingdom come…and Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Jesus is THE ONLY WAY! And I rejoice that He and He alone has made a way for me to know as I am known…thank You Father for giving us Your Son! Spirit of Christ, You intoxicate and amaze me…Your grace O God is amazing!

  11. It is interesting about free speech. When I was employed in the education department we were instructed in the Code of Conduct and what was expected of our behavior in the workplace. We were to refrain from discussing religion politics suicide etc. Anything that would affect the cohesion of the team was important. What we did outside work was our business. If we used the net during lunch or before work these were allowed but monitored. We were not to search our data systems like Google for information unrelated to our work. So would Israel’s opinion affect his teams cohesion and effectiveness.?One might ask him what his view of hell was. Purgatory? Suffer without burning up, a nasty place of regrets (C S Lewis said ‘Give me heaven for the environment and hell for the company” or annihilation (total destruction)?

  12. It’s not about Christians.
    Catholics, Muslims, Atheists, Buddhists should be able to express their opinions.

    If you don’t like it, debate them, ignore them, tell them to pull their heads in.

    But being fired for this is wrong.

    And what happens when homosexuals get get power. The fornicators and drunks weren’t calling for Folau to be fired.

  13. About Israel Folau you have perfectly said everything I have thought but could never get into words thankyou so much 😁


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