Top 20 Creative Sermon Titles and Illustrations from Peter Pilt

I love preaching creatively. The Holy Spirit used props in bible times as He engaged the Imagination of people He spoke to…Abraham with the stars and grains of sand, Ezekiel with the Valley of Dry Bones, Jesus with the Parables, the Typologies of Christ….just to mention a couple of the huge list. So I like to engage the imagination of the congregation of Nowra City Church as I preach biblical truths…..Don’t be fooled into thinking I water the truth down….Nowra City Church gets the meat of the word…..just creatively….

(Hot of the press and just being inserted into this blog (which was posted in 2015) is my latest blog  on Creative Easter Sermon Ideas….Posted in April 2019. Click on the link following;

Creative Easter Sermon Ideas From Peter Pilt)

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You may also be interested in seeing my creativity on display in this video that is a summary flyover of 15 years of being creative in my previous church. Click Here to View the Vid

I love preaching creatively. Here are the top 20 creative Sermon titles or Sermon Illustrations and then photographic evidence, that I have used.

For more Creative Sermon Titles check out Top 32 Creative Sermon Titles and Illustrations

1) The Incredible Sulk

Church 251009 091

2) Prison Break


3) If I was the devil, how would I sell the concept of Hell to Humanity


4) King David – A hero to infinity and beyond


5) The Myth of “The Grass is always greener on the other side of the fence”


6) Ineffective Christianity for Dummies


7) The Power of Word of God for Life.


8) An X-files Christmas – The Paranormal Around the Christmas Story


9) Ps 40 – From the Mire to the Choir


10) The V8 Super Sermon Series.


11) Spiritual Boot Camp


12) The Imagine Protest (I am dressed as Midnight Oil)


13) Your Date with Death


14) Christian Streakers


15) Nehemiah


16) The Original Grinch who stole Christmas – Herod


17) Mr Incredible – The Holy Spirit


18) Bring Back the Biff – Preach on Passion


19) Covenant – looking at the Gibeonites and large hail stones


20) Ps 45:1 My Tongue is as the Pen of a ready Writer




For more Creative Sermon Titles Click Here to read The Top 32 Creative Sermon Titles and Illustrations from Peter Pilt


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11 replies

  1. Ps Pete
    Awesome ! Your creativity always amazes me. I i loved your fisher of men clip with that coast guard movie

  2. very creative…. its not fit to any kind of church.

  3. Impressed by the extensive dress-up collection & trouble it would take to source them. You might need a dress-up box next Christmas, if you don’t have one already. No tutus yet?

  4. i have heard many different preachers from all over the world but i have to say Peter your 1 of the most unique preachers i’ve had the privilege to see (& hear) Your creative way of delivering the Gospel is surpassed by non one & always has me readjusting my thinking & my heart for the better 🙂 i love it Xx

  5. Good morning Peter, and a Happy New Year.

    Have you seen these? (a copy of the original text which atm isn’t online [it got at least 940 comments before disappearing] and a follow on article

    Makes me glad you’re the pastor and not me. I can be a “Doner”, my pastor has to see that I’m not. 🙂

    • Actually I think that is part of the problem Adrian…people see that the Pastor is responsible for the spiritual health of everyone…the bible says that Christ leads the sheep….the sheep then follow. they are not driven like cattle by drover dogs…So if you ever become a “doner” its all your responsibility…Just sayin

      • Yes, each to their own responsibilities.

        When you were at Lighthouse I’m guessing we were still “members” but Ps Paul changed that to “partners”, i.e “partner with him”. Never liked that till (literally) today when I saw it from a different angle.

        As Ps Paul says, his job is to equip the saints for service. As the pastor he has to decide what service God wants us trained for and train us accordingly. And just as a real shepherd had to take his sheep out to where the good grass is so the pastor (imo) has to see that we go where we can be adequately spiritually feed, t a place of good “grass”.

        Now of course we have a responsibility to eat the food once we’re there, and if we don’t that’s our fault and responsibility, but I think that some of the thoughts come from (for instance) the comment that many people don’t want (more) “pep talks, (or) self-help seminars”. Now they can be good and I’ve learned a lot through them, but to me anyway that’s like being taught about things in the Bible rather than being taught the Bible, like the meat in a McMac rather than the meat in a T-bone (which I have to get home and cook – yum).

        Sorry, gotta run, ttfn, Adrian

  6. You are a crackup. Shall come listen to one of your creative sermons some time soon. 👍


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