My Comments On Paris And My Predictions of the Next Few Days: (Warning Feeling Cynical)

We are all saddened by the horrible attacks in Paris today. Let me help you understand what is going to happen over the next few days. This is probably pretty cynical but it’s how I feel right now. I am just deeply troubled that Western leaders seem impotent to stop these kind of terrorist attacks. And it frustrates me that this path is a well worn path….like how America behaves when 15 students are killed in a school massacre. (which for the record there have been more mass shootings in the US this year than days in the year).

1) World Leaders will come out and condemn the attacks as against freedom, against ‘our way of life’, and will pledge that those responsible for the attacks will be brought to justice (even though those who carried out the attacks have all been killed or killed themselves). Anyone brought to justice post CharlieHebdo: post all the rhetoric???? No.

2) In the initial response hastags like #prayforparis will trend on social media..where people who don’t believe in God will encourage others who don’t believe in God to pray to the God they don’t believe in for the peace of the God who apparently doesn’t exist.

3) And those who do believe in that God will be blamed for being intolerant.

4) The Muslim world will be silent. Ok I know at this stage it’s too early to say this was an Islamic based attack…but when its confirmed, (humor me), the Muslim world will be completely silent and few will wonder why. And those who ask why will be deemed intolerant, hate filled islamophobes.

5) Malcolm Turnbull will make a statement saying how great it is that Australia is a tolerant nation and that we embrace our Muslim brothers.

6) No one will notice how much the word tolerance will be used except when speaking of Christians.

7) People will get all spooky about the fact that these attacks were carried out on Friday the 13th and they will relate that back to the origins of Friday the 13th which is when a significant number of Knights Templar were murdered on the order of the Pope (if my memory serves me correctly).

8) There will be the predictable cries of ‘the world would be a better place without religion.’

9) In due course, the world will be outraged, promise lots, do nothing, and in three weeks, the world will settle down and we will carry on….except there will be 160 funerals across Paris and for many families they will have to find a new normal. The West will promise to learn from the Paris attacks, a monument will be put up, in a year’s time a minutes silence will be held to remember the 160 people who were just going about life in downtown Paris when their lives were taken from them for a violent ideology.

10) The world will hardly raise a whimper about the 160 Nigerians that were killed by Boko Harem this week. (Cause they are not Westerners….Ok let me type what I am really thinking…..because they are not white).

Now I know we are living in the end times (according to Matthew 24) and some would say it’s related to Shemitah (which I don’t particularly think it is). Reality is that as Christians we must not let fear rule us, we must pray for the salvation of the world, love all our fellow man regardless of race, creed or religion and don’t become cynical…which I clearly failed at this time round.

Or maybe this is a cry for the world to take a different path.

Ps Peter

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  1. Peter this time you’ve written an article of substance and I agree with you. However, (aha) what you have prescribed for us to do is what we normally do as Christians ordinarily. Yes, we are to love our enemies and to pray for them but can we do something more radical as well and that is share with those about as and any who will listen, that Islam is not a religion of God, but of the devil.

    I am tired of the Western political mantra, that Islam is a religion of peace. The ‘olive branch’ has been extended to them beyond count, but still they continue to rape our women, murder our fellow believers across the World and demand an adherence to Sharia /Stone Age law. The West is frightened of them because they are barbaric savages and it continues to sweep all of their atrocities under the carpet.

    Wasn’t it Bonhoffer who said, ‘that for evil to prevail, all it takes is for good men to do nothing’. Basically, this is our situation. Here we have a regime on fire with hatred for the Jew, the Christian and essentially the West but what are we doing (that includes you and me)? Yes, it is uncomfortable being called a Christian bigot or a racist, for speaking out and that’s what will happen. In most Western societies Islam has strangled free debate and freedom of speech when it comes to themselves. We could end up in prison for inciting ‘hate speech’.You see, the devil knows every angle to twist and turn the Western mind.

    Malcolm Turnbull is a ‘moderate’ so we may only get lip service from him but people have to speak out else Australia will soon join the long queue of those acquiescing to the demands of this religion of the pit.
    What are you prepared to do, apart from post an article? What am I prepared to do even though I am a missionary based in Thailand?

    What we face now, across the world, is the rising of the Islamic monster, in much the same fashion as the Nazi Party. It is staring us in the face and laughing at us.


  2. Love your ‘cynical moments’, Peter.
    Your closing paragraph is a powerful call to the church. We are to pray for Salvation for the lost, in particular the persecutors and persecuted. The church cannot just hear and do nothing. We have the most powerful weapon in our hands – prayer. Lets use it!

  3. Peter, I agree with you. What we have to do is to influence this world for Christ. Let us pay for God’s glory to shine forth from us and his image be revealed in us as we walk, talk and move in our world. This way people will be touched by God just by looking at us. This is according to the Bible. Then, as we move through our day people will see God.

  4. I think u should become a member a local shooting range.. It’s helps me dealing when I feel cynical!

  5. Good starting point is to speak the truth in love, not because you are right, but because you care. Otherwise you’re in resounding gong, clanging cymbal territory. What you can do is write to MP’s (they are required to reply to letters they receive), write letters to newspapers and work within your networks.

  6. The Muslim world will not be silent.

    You just won’t hear them if you are not listening.

  7. All government need to make law, muslems to make a new quran that is not teaching evil,
    Ban the quran an islam in its Courant form.

  8. Muslim activities must be monitored closely in the Western world. What they are teaching in their mosques, no hate preaching should be allowed. Collection of funds when halal products are sold to the general public what those funds are used for apart from building colossal mosques in almost every city within short periods of time, ability of Muslims who come to the western countries to assimilate or their willingness to assimilate into the western society within a specified time. To be willing to respect Christian values or values of the country they have migrated to. E.g. Students recently allowed to walk out of an assembly when national anthem was about to be sung. Not participating in school Christmas programs because they are Muslims. These only a few there can be many more we can think of.

  9. Europe has been a spiritual vacuum for a very long time. That is why two world wars began there and the world paid for it with the blood of its (mostly) young men and women. And it has not learned that you cannot have a spiritual vacuum anywhere. If our God is not honoured and obeyed, “something else” (I cannot call him someone, it’s too kind) with rush into the void. And that is what we are seeing in Europe, not just France. And Peter, you are so right. The west is trying to use appeasement, as they did with Hitler. But you can’t appease a mad dog. We need to shake off our spiritual apathy and pray without ceasing and proclaim Jesus continually. Good works are important but it will not change the attitude of these people. The Quoran forbids it. Our God is a consuming fire but He will not move without His people. Let’s get to it.

  10. Someone once said; ‘God will not put the lump of dough into the fire until the leaven of evil has fully permeated it’

    What ISIS is doing is Evil and God is permitting it… So is abortion. pedophilia. Gay marriage and the many evils that are entrenched in western culture… It is no different when The Assyrians plundered Israel of old! To depart from God and His precepts for life is to open oneself for chastisement. For the Christian it is best to keep oneself in the Love of God and be careful not to cast your pearls before swines be they Muslim or not. soon It will be God Himself that will arise in Fiery judgment and the whole lump shall be cast into Hell-Fire. john B

  11. Which religion do we accept and believe in….Christianity…Buddism…Hinduism…Taoism…..Islam..etc. Who has the right to say which is the one we follow? Different religions have brought war. Depending upon which part of the world we are raised we tend to follow the religion of that land, right or wrong. No human being has the right to force their beliefs and religion onto another human being hence the reason for such terrorism and wars. LIVE AND LET LIVE should be the religion every human should adhere to…..and each country looks after it’s own instead of interfering in others unless invited to do so. But then it would be a perfect world….and we are not living in a perfect world.

    • The true definition of religion is the taking care of widows & orphans. James 1:27…
      Jesus amplified that in His sermon on the mount, even saying, “Love Your Enemies”
      Apostle John said; “God is Love”.. We see that Love of God poured out in the Cross Of Christ.

      The preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is for the salvation of sinners, the pardoning of sins and personal restoration to God. It is not to brutally subject others into submission to the religious system of some clerical institution (that is religiosity ).. Jesus told those whom He sent out to preach His gospel that they were to dust off their sandal to them that believe not. He did not say to Kill them. Religiosity Kills regardless which banner it wears.
      Therein is the difference between the God of the Bible and Allah…
      john B

  12. I totally agree with your article. It has already begun. The governments seem powerless because there may be another agenda at work and maybe terrorism serves another objective. Fear is a way of putting through policies which would not be ordinarily accepted .

  13. Again Slugger pretty deep but honest. I think you are spot on in your comment in a few weeks everything will be rosy and life will go on. I don’t like to talk politics but I would like to think that instead of talking heaps the world leaders would act and do everything in their power to wipe these terrorists out. If we let fear overcome us, we could easily get to a stage where we won’t leave our homes in case something might happen at work, on holidays, out dining, at a sport event or even shoppping . The What IF syndrome can take over people. Be safe on your trip.

  14. Tha ks for updating me Peter, as it was also at this time thatvI met with friennds as per usual on Friday morning eitf friends, collapsed during conversation and hv been hospitalised ever since as now theeir are people who are concerned that I may never be fit to live alone again or capable of fully being able to care for myself again. Buggar, not liking the look of this at all!

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