I love the Federal Greens: (#insert sarcastic tone):- Their Hypocrisy is Breathtaking.


So today (4th May 2016), the Leader of the Federal Greens, Adam Brandt spoke passionately and emotionally about the double immolation of Asylum seekers in Offshore detention centers. It seemed so heart felt:- Until you realize he was complicit, as was his party, in the drowning of 1200 Asylum Seekers off Australia’s shores.

Hey Adam. Want to be real? During your watch, when your party was in bed with the Gillard Govt, what did you say about the 1200 people who drowned in the Pacific Ocean? Oh Silence!!!! And for the record the 1200 people who drowned, didn’t drown silently. And re the 1200 people:  that’s the people we actually know who drowned. Don’t even start on the boats from Sri Lanka….

So when you weep in Federal Parliament  over the 2 people who self immolated in Australia’s detention centres, it does seem a little late. I wonder what the 1200 people who drowned, fighting for life  (and Aussie Citizenship) in the deep blue ocean would think of your tears over two people who self harmed recently?

Anyway, That’s what I think

Ps Peter Pilt

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