Went To Dreamworld Today: Here Are My Thoughts.

15748711_202021423535257_364937503_oMy daughter Laura and I went to Dreamworld today. We did this for three reasons….Firstly to hang out together and enjoy the Gold Coast, Secondly we had season passes that were due to expire and thirdly, I wanted to show my support to the troubled Theme Park since the November 17th accident that saw four people sadly killed.

Here are my thoughts on how the Park is going.

First up, we had an enjoyable time. Here are a couple of pics.



I was pleasantly surprised to find out that my annual season passes have been given a 6 month extension. Clearly Dreamworld is desperate for people. As I was driving to the Park around 12pm and I thought, its a hot day and its the peak time of the Christmas Holidays, my heart sank as I imagined the crowds. But as I drove into the carpark I was surprised that it was only just half full.

As I walked into the Park I was also surprised at how many rides aren’t working. It seems that there are more rides not working than working. This really contributes to a sense of the Park only just limping along. Additionally the main food court and souvenir shop at the exit is also closed. I have to admit, if I had paid full price to enter the Park I would have felt ripped off.




It is a shame that the Park has not been able to open back at full capacity. I think from memory that the Park employs some 1500 people and so as the Park’s future hangs in the balance, so does their jobs. I have to say of all the times that I have been to Dreamworld, I could tell the staff were making extra effort to be friendly and project a sense of all is good.

It did seem that all the rides at White Water World were open and certainly as Laura and I spent time there, we discovered that this is where most of the people were.

So that’s where Dreamworld is at at the moment. I really hope to see the Park get fully back on its feet and continue to bring joy to families. Unfortunately it would appear that that is a fair way off.

Anyway that’s what I think.

Peter Pilt

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