Guest Blogger: I Am An IVF Baby And I’m thankful I Get To Live life.

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About 3 years ago I posted a blog about IVF and Sperm donors: Specifically my blog included the story of a Christian Sperm Donor. Click here to read that blog.

To suggest it was slightly controversial would be an understatement. I reposted it a couple of days ago and the controversy continued to rage on Social Media.

Then I was contacted by an IVF baby…Now 34. I will call her Olivia for the sake of her anonymity. Ok Just wow!!!!

We have talked.

I actually have also put her in touch with the sperm donor mentioned in the original blog post.  I have heard that they have talked and they are planning to meet soon. (no biological connection).

I have to say that I am deeply impacted by a quote in Olivia’s story: ‘And I’m thankful I Get To Live life’. I would love to show that quote to everyone who raged against IVF on my Facebook Page. Suddenly a Social Media argument took on a life form called Olivia….who clearly read everyone’s comment….I wonder if that changes how people respond when they know an IVF baby, now an adult is reading all their comments. I was impacted knowing this and I am pro IVF.

Here is Olivia’s story:-

My name is Olivia and I am an IVF baby…I am now 34 and  was conceived in the first year of IVF in WA 34 years ago.

I have coped just fine in life. I have a twin sister and loving parents, who really wanted children, otherwise they wouldn’t have gone through the arduous and expensive IVF process.

Under WA law, you can’t track the biological Father & I don’t know anything other than at that time, donors were often first year med students. (Editors Note….the laws have now changed and IVF children can contact their biological fathers post when they turn 18).

My twin sister & I acknowledge the genetic component of this addition in IQ to the family.

We weren’t told until two weeks before we turned 18 and we were told separately.

It was weird.

I looked at my Dad for 2 weeks & thought “he wasn’t my Dad” & then got over it- to me, family is more than blood & years later, I now I also have a spiritual family, which can be just as strong.

My twin sister didn’t fair so well- she wanted to locate her biological Dad & couldn’t.

I don’t think they have medical records- information and details from back then.  It is a bit strange when there are serious medical issues and your genetics are unknown, but as a Spirit filled believer, I broke off spiritual & physical generational curses, from biological & known family years ago.

My concern with the process, is destruction of embryos which are not implanted after conception has occurred.

IVF doesn’t define me, it’s just part of who I am, that I remember every so often. My identity is in Christ.

It would be a bit hypocritical of me, if I wasn’t in favour of IVF. I’m thankful I get to live life, I have the opportunity to minister to others and walk as Jesus would have me.

Kind of a unique perspective really.

End Quote…

What an insightful perspective. Particularly in light of some of the negative comments that have been made on Social Media. Sure we can all rage about IVF embryos etc etc….but then a 34 year old woman who is a passionate Christian who loves loves life and loves Jesus walks into the room…..suddenly our soap boxes melt away. I personally am loving meeting an IVF baby many years on, on social media.

Maybe God wants more melting soap boxes…..spoken from someone who uses social media soap boxes often.

Anyway that’s what I think.

Peter Pilt

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13 replies

  1. Hi Pete
    I just loved reading this brief excerpt of ‘Olivia’s’ story…I personally believe if she hadn’t meant to be alive, then she wouldn’t have…I’m so pleased for you that she contacted you, that is so cool…
    Bless Olivia & bless you too….

    Cheryl Wood

  2. “My identity is in Christ … I’m thankful I get to live life, I have the opportunity to minister to others and walk as Jesus would have me”.

    But what about the other side of the equation Pete. How would someone feel if they found themselves in hell, knowing that they had to suffer for eternity, and the only reason they existed is because they were made through the IVF process?

  3. This is such a powerful blog. Thanks Pete for sharing Olivia’s story.

    My close friend was blessed to have a baby girl around the same time my son was due to be born. They are only months apart. Her and her husband went through IVF and they are so thankful to have done so. She has her mums personality and she looks a lot like her dad. Completely loved and precious. A gorgeous girl who knows she is loved by Jesus 💛

    I am so greatful too. I was blessed to look after her a little bit each week when her precious mum had to go in to work. My son and my friends little girl have been besties ever since.

    Why share this? Well no matter our beginning our precious father in heaven who loves us all so much, equally, called us by name, and his plans for all of us are good. It’s his promise. I couldn’t imagine life without my friends little girl neither could my son and of course neither could her mum and dad and family. Life is precious.

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  5. I had read this blog, this is really a fact. We are running IVF Centre in Nepal. For more information Visit:
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  6. What an encouraging story to read. I am also an IVF “baby”, and I’m just a couple years younger than Olivia. I sent you a message on Facebook. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.

  7. I am encouraged to do ivf with my husband of 6 years. I want twin boys. How i view the whole process is that the babies are not made or manufactured in labs by technician(s). If they are made in labs then techanicians could have developed eggs and sperms then put it into a test tube etc. In this ivf case, the lab tecnicians are only assisting the natural process by obtaining the natured born egg and sperm and fertiliing it by inserting into the egg. Its the same thing anyways, for million of sperms to race to fertilize the egg. The problem would be the condition of both the wife and husband and if thats the case then the other party seeks the donnor to complete the process. Thats how i view it. In my case i want to have ivf twin boys coz i already have two girls by natural births. Thank you reading and god bless.

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