Peter Pilt’s Top 5 Controversial Blogs of 2016: Oh Strap Yourself In.

I blog regularly. Sometimes my blog topics are controversial. Here are the Top 5 Controversial Blogs of 2016.

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1) On May 19th 2016, Bill Shorten’s motorcade pulled off a country road starting a chain of events that led to a head on car accident. As a result Shorten was filmed caring for a lady who had been in one of the cars. I wrote a blog about how the camera’s really should have been turned off: particularly as it’s in an election campaign. This sparked two very well read blogs and made me very popular with the Canberra Press Gallery only months out from a Federal Election:

Bill Shorten:- The Car Crash Today And My Cynicism About The Photo Op.

Guest Blogger: The Partner of the Woman at the Centre of the Bill Shorten Motorcade Accident: Shane Lee

2) The world was outraged by Mitchell Pearce, the Rooster’s Co-Captain’s action with a dog….But I suggested the world got outraged by the wrong thing in this story….

Today the World was Outraged by the Wrong Thing – The Mitchell Pearce Incident

3) Imagine if I walked up to a young teenage schoolgirl, aged 17, and ripped open her shirt without her permission, (actually whether I have her permission or not is irrelevant) exposing her braless breasts. As a 46 year old male, this behaviour would be deemed to be wrong on every level, and so it should it be. I would be charged, sacked from my current role and I would even suggest probably divorced. And rightly so. Totally unacceptable behaviour. But if you are Madonna apparently its ok….

Apparently Sexual Abuse of a Child is Ok: #Madonna #RolfHarris: Hastag Society Has Messed up Double Standards

4) The Australian Labor Party today (June 28th 2016) said that the very first bill it will introduce in Parliament, should it win office this weekend, is that of same-sex marriage. I suggested there were other priorities in this blog…..

The ALP Announced Today The Biggest Issue Facing Australia Right Now And It’s Possibly Not What You Think?

5) The murder of foster child Tiahleigh Palmer, by her foster father outraged the world…..But I have seen how messed up the Foster system is and so I blogged….didn’t realise how controversial this would be…..but just read the comments on the blog to see the upset I caused. 

Why I Would Never Be A Foster Parent

And here is a bonus blog just for Christians….

I Am Over The Great Sport Of Church Bashing By Christians

Sometimes I feel beaten up by the reaction I get to the blogs I post. Sometimes this leads me to take a few weeks off from posting. I am told by those around me to stop posting controversial things if I can’t handle the heat….And whilst I don’t like the heat….I feel a deep conviction to continue to point out stuff that happens in the world that are against my values. I don’t want to live in the world that Waleed from The Project subscribes too…. I mean if I wanted to live like that I would move to North Korea………Oh wait let’s give Waleed a Gold Logie…No No No

Oh and I couldn’t not include my blog about  How  I Would Gut A Gorilla To Protect My Daughters.

Anyway that’s what I think.

Peter Pilt

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  1. Hello Peter,

    Do you accept guest blogs?

  2. Hey, Peter!
    Great article (gave it a follow too!)! I wanted to know if you are still interested in guest posts or not. I usually write quite a lot of controversial content on my blog ( and on my medium profile ( and I seem to be able to change the way people are thinking (I get a lot of agreeable comments).
    If you are, just let me know!


  3. Hello Peter,

    I arrived at your blog when i was searching for the controversial blogs. Do you know any blogs, which were edited to avoid the following consequences.

    Request you to please share any links found on the internet.


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