Queensland Government changes its language so it fits with statistics that don’t match their mantra.

The thing that I have consistently called out through the Pandemic, is the BS that the Australian population is being fed by Governments, Chief Medical Officers and the media.

Saw this today (17th January 2022), and it highlights my point exactly. The Queensland, Chief Medical Officer, John Gerrard, announced that sadly, seven Queenslanders had died from Covid over night. He then went on to say ”2 were unvaccinated and the remaining 5 had received only two jabs’. See Pic.

No description available.

What he meant to say, is that 2 people were unvaccinated and 5 were fully vaccinated, as the current State definition of fully vaccinated, is double jabbed, not triple jabbed. But it is uncomfortable for the CMO to admit that 5 fully vaccinated people, sadly passed away over night. So he spins the truth, so it doesn’t hurt the fully vaccinated mantra.

Hey CMO, just tell the truth.

It frustrates me how language and messaging is massaged to fit whatever the Government want to manipulate the masses with. A bit of honesty and transparency wouldn’t go astray every now and then.

We don’t expect leaders to be perfect or get it right all the time. But please make the the No 2s from bulls stop.

Anyway, that’s what I think.


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2 replies

  1. Great point well made.

  2. There has been much Deception around the Virus. They are reluctant to tell ages of people who have passed. Some are in 80’s & 90’s. But now the narrative is changing: they died being Double Vaccinated but with No Booster(New Narrative) …. Fear too always is a Powerful Weapon, sadly over the elderly.

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