Facebook HAS NOT Changed Their Friendship Algorithim: You Don’t Need To Copy and Paste THAT Statement.

Well this morning lots of the same Facebook Post started popping up on my Facebook Newsfeed. Here is what is it said:

Wondering why your news feed seems so different of late.. only seeing posts from the same 25 people over and over? We only see 10 % at all.. Well Facebook has a new algorithm!

So, I’m asking you, could you do me a quick favour? If you read this post, leave me your fave emoji or a comment, otherwise Facebook chooses who we see ‍♀️

And feel free to copy and paste this message on your wall so you can have more interaction with your friends too! Let’s stay connected!

Here are the facts from Snopes – which is a website where you can check stuff like this.






Check out these two relevant blogs around the same idea of fake spam

I Have Been Inundated With FaceBook Messages Asking To Pray for Quaragosh in Iraq: Please Make The Messages Stop

Dear Facebook People: STOP BLINDLY FORWARDING WARNING MESSAGES. No Seriously You Are In The Naughty Corner.

Anyway, Hope that helps. Now forward this message on to all your facebook friends…..Do not pass Go do not collect $200. Failure to pass this message on will cause a Lama to be executed in North Korea.


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