My Blog Reaches 100,000 reads–Most Popular Blogs Posted


I have been blogging for 18 months and today I hit 100,000 reads. I have posted 186 blogs in that time:- here are the top ten blogs that I have posted so far.

An Open Letter to Prime Minister Julia Gillard

12 Ways to Teach Your Kids How to Hate Church

Christian Ethics Whilst Using Facebook

44 Powerful Emotive Photos

Is it Ok to Eat Red Meat on Good Friday?

An Open Letter to the Easter Bunny

A Powerful Story on Marriage

An Open Letter to Prime Minister Kevin Rudd

20 Creative Sermon Titles and Illustrations

An Open Letter to Atheism

Hope you enjoy having a read.


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  1. Thanking you Peter, I’ll go to our library soon to use free wifi n look at your blogs.

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