Peter Pilt’s Top Ten Most Popular Blogs So Far in 2015

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My blog just hit 100,000 reads so far for 2015. Here is a list of the Top Ten Most Popular Blogs for 2015. Have a read.

  1. Peter Pilt’s Announcement of His Resignation From Nowra City Church
  2. Exposing Nimble – Dumb Little Loans, Deceptive Little Company.
  3. Shoplifting in K-Mart Arouses Little Interest From Staff
  4. Top 20 Creative Sermon Titles and Illustrations From Peter Pilt
  5. 39 Powerful Thought Provoking and Inspiring Questions
  6. Compelling Evidence of the Authenticity of the Bible
  7. Is It Ok To Eat Red Meat On Good Friday?
  8. Peter Pilt’s Thoughts on the Sydney Siege.
  9. Six Questions You Should Never Ever Ever Ask. Ever.
  10. I Doubted I Would Ever Write a Blog About Period…But Here It Is

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