Peter Pilt ‘Obtains’ The Naughty or Nice List For 2016 From The North Pole

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It’s just before Christmas 2016 and I have been able to ‘obtain’ the list of Naughty or Nice that Santa Clause apparently compiles through watching you while you are sleeping (which is not creepy at all),  knowing when you are awake and of course knowing if you have been bad or good. My sources tell me he made list, checking twice to make sure he discovered who’s naughty or nice.

I will confirm that Julian Assange had nothing to do with me obtaining the said Naughty or Nice list.

So let’s see whose on the list due to their behaviour both while awake and/or asleep.

Let’s start with Naughty.


So be good for goodness sake.

Do you agree with my list….Who would you add to either?

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Merry Christmas


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2 replies

  1. Is Santa confused?
    He has some people on both lists…

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