Peter Pilt’s Top Ten Most Controversial Blog Posts

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I have posted some 500 blogs since I started blogging. Some blogs more than others have attracted a fair level of controversy. I judge this on the level and content of the comments on the blog post, the posts on Social Media and the physical hate mail I received through the post. Here are the Top Ten Most Controversial Blogs I Have Posted: (10 being most controversial)

  1. Apparently Sexual Abuse of a Child is Ok: #Madonna #RolfHarris: Hastag Society Has Messed up Double Standards
  2. Australia’s Misdirected Passion When it Comes to the Bali Nine Pair.
  3. I Am Over The Great Sport Of Church Bashing By Christians
  4. Today the World was Outraged by the Wrong Thing – The Mitchell Pearce Incident
  5. Six Questions You Should Never Ever Ever Ask. Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (In fact you shouldn’t even read this blog)
  6. If I was a Muslim Community Leader: This is the Statement I Would Make Post Friday’s Murder in Parramatta.
  7. An Open Letter to Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.
  8. Guest Blogger: The Partner of the Woman at the Centre of the Bill Shorten Motorcade Accident: Shane Lee
  9. Bill Shorten:- The Car Crash Today And My Cynicism About The Photo Op.
  10. An Open letter to Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

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